Itchy Mole: Does Itch = Danger?


So you’ve got an itchy mole, have you? When one of your moles starts itching, you should start paying attention.

Why do moles itch? The only time my skin spots have started to itch are the day after a massive amount of alcohol (I don’t do alcohol anymore though).

If you were out drinking yesterday and today you discovered an itch, it is probably nothing more than your body telling you to stop drinking ;).

What if you’re not a drinker and you just discovered this irresistible itch? The first thing you should think about is how your skin mole looks and ask yourself the following 5 questions:

  1. Does it have borders that are notched or scalloped?
  2. Does it have multiple colors?
  3. Circular shape = good. Irregular shape = bad.
  4. Has it increased in size lately?
  5. Has it changed lately? Color, shape, itch (ooh!), bleeding?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you should contact your doctor right away. If you answered yes to more than one question, you should already have contacted your doctor :).

I know it’s rough to see your doctor. I really don’t enjoy going to the doctor for anything, but a thing like this is better done sooner than later.

Your doctor will have a look at your itchy mole, maybe take a sample and if it comes back cancerous he’ll just remove it.

It’s painless and goes faster than you think. If your skin mole looks especially bad your doctor could remove it then and there, on your first visit!

Go to your doctor or dermatologist as soon as you can. Itching CAN indicate cancer, and that isn’t nice. The longer you prolong it the worse it can get, that is, if you happen to have a cancerous mole.

Don’t fret though, I don’t want to be the person that’s spreading fear into your mind, but I really do urge you to get it checked out.

I know many that have put things up months or even years, and they’ve all regretted it in the end.

Just do it!

Over to You

Have you ever experienced an itching mole? What did you do about it and what were your experiences?

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  1. People always say “contact your doctor.” What if you don’t have a doctor because you have no insurance, and no money to see a doctor?

  2. I have a big mole on my left thigh and it’s rough and so itchy! I’m gonna visit a dermatologist tomorrow! Thanks so much!

  3. Nathan… where do you live? Ask around (local hospital etc) about a free clinic in your area (or at least relatively nearby). They are around.

    When you manage to get yourself sorted out, go visit your local member of congress and DEMAND they stand up for universal health care. Doesn’t cost me squat to go visit a doctor where I live because my country is part of a long list of nations that embrace public health care. When you can’t get a mole looked at because you simply don’t have access to a doctor, financially speaking…. then something is EXTREMELY wrong.

    But seriously, ask around about free clinics if you need to see a doctor.

  4. Thanks for the honesty. My pimary care doc blew me off when I showed him an area of concern. It still itches and it’s growing so I’m going to go see a specialist first thing tomarrow. Seriously, thanks.

  5. Thanks for this information. I recently developed a mole on my left eyelid and one day I noticed it had really grown AND it was itchy! Then, my eyelid had the nerve of twitching as well! So, I finally remembered to sit down and look up “itchy moles”. I will check it out. I am a navy vet so I can go to the VA. Hopefully Nathan was able to see someone. Don’t forget that “vets”… we can go to the VA for help for FREE!

  6. I looked up an itchy mole which appeared on my back several months ago. I thought I was just being silly worrying about it, but i will be making an appointment with my doctor ASAP thanks to all of your comments. I will keep you all informed. Watch this space!

  7. Amber Patterson says:

    I had an itchy mole. It was new and it bothered me for a couple of weeks. I went to my dermatologist and she biopsied it. It turned out it was squamous cell carcinoma…the second deadliest skin cancer. I was glad I had it checked. Since both my mother and sister had malignant melanoma, I contacted a dermatologist earlier in the year and I see her about every other month now! I just had a little mole on my face that I’ve had for years start itching for 2 days now. I am making an appointment first thing Monday. I suggest any of you with an itchy mole get it checked asap even if it looks “normal”.

  8. I think I have a mole on the side of my breast close to my armpit. If I remember correctly it started off looking like a pimple or ingrown hair… it was red and painful. Of course my pinching and poking at it did not help at all either. Eventually it scabbed over and now it is brown slightly raised and itchy. It was itchy when I first noticed it but when I noticed again I thought it seemed weird that a freckle would itch. I am going to keep a closer eye on this and see if anything else changes and I may mention it when I go back to the dr in a couple of weeks.

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