Three New Psoriasis Treatments


If you’re one of the estimated 7.5 million Americans suffering from psoriasis, you know the discomfort, pain, and embarrassment associated with this skin condition. But did you know that ongoing research is contributing to the development of promising new psoriasis treatments all the time?

Although the exact origins of psoriasis are unknown, common symptoms like red or scaly patches on the skin seem to appear when a sufferer’s overactive immune system responds to certain agitating conditions.

Genetics are believed to play a role in the development of the disease, and factors like stress, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, certain medications, and diet, are all thought to be possible psoriasis triggers.

While studies into the causes of psoriasis continue, developments in the fields of traditional and natural medicine have uncovered a series of effective remedies for this unpleasant disease. Here are three exciting new treatment options for you to consider:

#1 – XTRAC Velocity™ Excimer Laser

Announced in June 2009, this patented new laser treatment for psoriasis is FDA-approved to treat moderate and severe psoriasis.

Although this kind of excimer laser technology has been used for years to combat psoriasis, the XTRAC Velocity machine is advertised to be faster, safer and more effective than its predecessors, resulting in the need for fewer treatment sessions.

Excimer lasers, including the XTRAC Velocity machine, use ultraviolet (UV) light radiation to break apart psoriasis outbreaks throughout the body.

The company’s website provides testimonials from doctors at Johns Hopkins University, University of California, San Diego, Wake Forest School of Medicine, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York.

#2 – Ustekinumab

Although I do not like the idea of taking drugs, you might want to try them and see how it works. I am not here to decide what you should or should not do, I am here to give you the information, and help you! 🙂

Ustekinumab has shown promising results in studies done in 2008. It has also shown to have fewer side effects compared to other treatments.

Studies showed that those treated with the drug had more than a 75% improvement in their skin’s condition.

The two studies I am refering to were published in The Lancet, Volume 371, Issue 9625.

#3 – Psoriasis and Sea Salt

While this natural at-home treatment might not be new, it could be the first time you’ve heard of it. Psoriasis and sea salt simply means that you use salt taken from the Dead Sea in Israel and bathe in it.

The sea salt is believed to detoxify and soothe your skin. In 1989, Israeli dermatologist Dr. Zvi Even Paz conducted a study on the healing effects of Dead Sea salts on psoriasis sufferers.

Of the 50 patients, 48 reported significant relief after soaking in the bath water that contained two pounds of sea salt, three times a week over six weeks.

Over to You

Do you know of any treatments that I left out? Feel free to post in the comments below and let people know about them.

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