What is the Best Diet for Psoriasis?


If you have been diagnosed with psoriasis: a skin disorder caused by the overgrowth of skin cells on your body, you are probably looking hard for treatments, or maybe a special diet for psoriasis.

There are many possible ways to treat your psoriasis. People have touted the benefits of UV light therapy, tanning beds, homeopathy and lately, dietary changes.

There is much not exactly known about how the body, and what you eat, directly plays in to illness.

If you have psoriasis, it might be a great idea to take a look at your diet, and see if any of your food choices can be modified or removed to help your body not flare up. A diet for psoriasis may really help.

What not to eat

The biggest dietary concept involving using foods and diet to decrease psoriasis symptoms is through a gluten free diet. Lately gluten free diets are becoming more and more popular as a diet for psoriasis, as people are finding that the gluten aggravates numerous conditions.

Gluten is a compound that is found in grains like wheat, rye and oats. Unfortunately, gluten is found in many things these days. If you choose to follow a gluten free diet, you can buy products specifically at the store that say Gluten free.

There have been several studies that have proven that psoriasis like symptoms can be removed by a dietary change, including removing gluten from your eating plan.

What you can eat

Studies have gone back and forth with which foods can most directly benefit you, and dampen your psoriasis symptoms. One dietary change you can use to lessen your psoriasis outbreaks is good old fashioned healthy eating.

Studies have shown that lean proteins, vegetables and fruits help reduce symptoms.  People with psoriasis should make good dietary choices and try cutting out red meat, and processed foods. You can add in fiber supplements and healthy fats, like olive oil.

One study proved that symptoms got better when the subject ate carrots, tomatoes and fruit often. Basically it all bolls down to good old fashioned healthy eating. The cleaner your diet is, the less likely that any of your foods will be acting as triggers for your psoriasis.

A few other things to try that have proven successful. Make sure you vary your diet for psoriasis. If your psoriasis is affected by your dietary choices, keeping a widely varied diet can help your body from becoming too sensitive.

Watch the size of your portions so as not to overload your system. Choose foods that are lower sodium.  Do not use much sugar or salt. Instead many spices can be used to give your food flavor.

If you have psoriasis, it could not hurt to try to change your diet. Dietary changes are one way that people have discovered to help keep a handle on the unfortunate breakouts that come from having this skin disease.

Try eliminating gluten, processed food and red meat. Up your intake of healthy, unprocessed foods. Try this for a period of time to see if your psoriasis symptoms improve.

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