Eczema Cure – How to Treat Eczema & Get Relief

If you’ve ever had eczema, you know the feeling of despair it brings. You’re always looking for an eczema cure, or just something that will give you relief. I had eczema for a few years when I was around 18 years old, and at first it wasn’t that bad, my eczema skin symptoms were few and under control.

I just figured that it would go away or that it was a part of life. Then it spread from my right elbow to my hands, legs and my other elbow! That’s when I freaked out and thought that this has to be solved. I swore that I would get rid of my eczema, whatever it took!

First I’ll share my story with you and how I dealt with my eczema. If you’d like to stay and read more after that, I go into how conventional medicine tries to handle eczema and what I think about them white coats.

4 Things That Healed My Eczema

What I now know about my skin is that I simply had dry skin which turned to eczema or skin rash as some like to call it. The reasons this happened was because I live in a dry and cold climate (Sweden), especially during the winter (uhh, I have to move!).

To make matters worse I was eating junk foods, candy, drinking sodas and everything you can think of. I simply thought that diet didn’t affect my body.

Here are the things that I found to have the biggest impact on my skin and eventually lead to my personal eczema cure:

  1. Diet
    I started eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole-grains and stopped eating junk foods. If I can do THAT at 19 then you can do it at any age. I noticed that my skin got itchy when I ate processed foods. This lead to itching and itching lead to more eczema.
  2. Cleansing
    I did a lot of cleanses once I found out about them. The ones that worked okay were parasite and liver cleanse. I also did a juice fast for a few weeks. They are beneficial and I recommend them. They didn’t perform miracles, but they made me feel better!
  3. Moisturizing
    This was a big one and I can’t believe I didn’t listen to all the people saying that you had to moisturize, especially during the winter. So I ordered some natural moisturizers and started using them EVERY DAY and it worked. I went a winter without any eczema or skin rashes, woohoo!
  4. Weather
    The climate plays a big part on my skin. If I travel to places like Thailand or Peru my skin heals and returns to its natural state. My aunt’s husband has problems with his skin too and when he goes to warmer climates and relaxes in the salty sea, his skin heals!

Those are the big ones. Definitely keep moisturized and pay CLOSE attention to your diet. I also used a product from to get rid of my eczema.

It did contain hydrocortisone, but I only used it until my eczema was gone, and I then switched to a natural moisturizer and it has worked excellently.

A Must-Read Book

As I’ve learned more about how my body works, I’ve learned how powerful natural foods are.

One of those foods is freshly-squeezed celery juice on an empty stomach. It has even helped my brother with his eczema. It’s supposed to help your digestion and liver. All I know is that it works.

Give it a shot for 30 days. It’s not tasty, but if it works, then it’s going to be worth it.

I discovered this and many other remedies in a book called Medical Medium by Anthony William. I highly recommend you get it. It’s a life-changer.

Treating Eczema The Conventional Way

Conventional medicine has its ways of treating all types of eczema (atopic, dyshidrotic, nummular, seborrheic and so on). What different forms of eczema are is for another article, let us focus on treatments!

Most doctors don’t even think about eczema cures, they are all about preventing itching, inflammation and stopping it from becoming more severe. This means using various treatments, creams and other things to keep it under control.

When I first started reading about treatments and found out that doctors were not even focused on cures, I started looking elsewhere. I don’t want to merely prevent it from happening, I wanted relief and I wanted it fast!

I don’t know about your eczema, but I was able to find an eczema cure easily once I knew what to do. You might have a more severe form of it and it may be harder or even impossible to get rid of. I don’t know. You will have to conduct your own research.

What I do know is this, don’t give up. When people say that you can’ find an eczema cure, ignore them, you have better things to do than listen to them.

I’m not saying that all conventional medicine is crap, they have some good things going for them and I even used some of them to get relief myself, but when people start telling me what I can or cannot do, that’s when I get pissed ;).

Here are some ways that eczema is treated nowadays:

  1. Lifestyle Changes
    This basically means that you avoid things that trigger your eczema. It could be foods, clothes, hygiene products, pets or anything like that. Learn which foods cause your eczema and reclaim control!
  2. Creams
    Most creams that you can buy at your pharmacy to get relief from your eczema symptoms contain corticosteroids. These are not good for you and should not be used for prolonged periods of time. They do help if things get really bad though.
  3. Oral Medication
    Oral corticosteroids are only taken in acute and severe cases of an eczema outbreak. If they are taken for prolonged periods of time they can have nasty side-effects, a lot worse than creams. Creams are nothing compared to these guys!

As you can see, finding a fast eczema cure isn’t that easy. It usually requires you to make some lifestyle changes and start living a healthier life. But IT’S WORTH IT! 😀

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